Fritha Jenkins

Since 2012 I have been thinking about the concept of rivering as a way of practice and using water as material wthin my work. In my piece Orator (2015), Foreshore was collected from the Thames at Greenwich between the tides – the quantity taken being determined by how much I could carry.

Orator (video still)
Orator 2015

The foreshore was then shipped to Braziers Park in Oxfordshire where it was deposited in a field. The public were invited to choose some pieces of foreshore from the pile and join me on a 2.5 mile silent walk across the fields to the Thames. Once there the walkers washed the downstream foreshore in the upstream Thames before collecting bags of the river and heading back across the fields. Back at the site we performed a fountain over the remaining London foreshore pieces using the Oxfordshire Thames water. This piece, like much of my work, was omnidirectional in its movements; of materials, of the anatomy of the landscape and in its mutations across multiple sites. Process is always integral to my work, whether that is the flow of natural processes such as the course of a river or economic processes, such as waste and trade.

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Images from the piece Orator can be found here

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