Jethro Brice

Jethro Brice works across media and fields of professional practice, collaborating through socially-engaged and academic practices to facilitate and expand public discourse around changeable landscapes. Since graduating in from the Glasgow School of Art (2006), he has worked independently as an environmental artist, and is now undertaking doctoral research in cultural geography at the University of Bristol.

‘Orphan, or, The One That Got Away’, 2014. Photo: RWA
‘Orphan, or, The One That Got Away’, 2014. Photo: RWA

Jethro uses found materials and borrowed languages to elicit layered histories of place through drawing, sculpture, installation and performance. Workshops and participatory projects expand this practice, developing new approaches for an unsettled future and a contested past.

With Seila Fernandez Arconada he produced Some:when (, a participatory public art project responding to the floods on the Somerset levels, initiated with a grant from the Somerset Community Foundation. He is currently working with early career archaeologist Sally Evans, tracing changing environmental histories in the muds of the Severn foreshore, as part of the NERC-funded Paper Makers project. Recent exhibitions include The Power of the Sea at the Royal West of England Academy and The Water Knows All My Secrets at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery.

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