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Rona Lee is a British artist, who lives and works in London and Professor of Fine Art at Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, she grew up by the sea, exploring the littoral landscapes of the Bristol Channel, a coastline that experiences tidal variances which are amongst the greatest in the world.

Lee’s practice operates in an ‘expanded’ manner, combining different media – performance, photography, sculpture and video, with techniques and technologies ‘borrowed’ from other spheres. Operating across gallery and non‐gallery settings it is process based and research led involving extended periods of engagement with / intervention in different contexts.

“Rooted in feminist, performative and conceptual practices, questions of subjectivity and alterity form continuing concerns with my work, along with the capacity of the ‘fluid’ to materially and conceptually subvert fixed subject/object relations”. Since 1999 a series of projects have investigated water as a geographical, environmental and epistemological locus.

Between 2007-12 Lee was Artist in Residence at the UK National Oceanography Centre, exploring questions of scientific knowledge production and the generation of new imaginaries/ontologies of the deep. As a body of work and writing it called for a responsive aesthetics/ethics of environmental investigation/representation capable of accommodating both difference and the variance of the phenomenal world; asserting the importance of ‘liquid intelligence’ (Wall, ‘Photography and Liquid Intelligence’ (1996), rather than ‘dry thinking’, (Carter, On Dry Thinking (2010) in securing politically and environmentally cognisant methods of data collection and ‘extra visual’ geophysical economies of representation.

Artist website


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Truthing Gap


The Encircling of a Shadow

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